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Email: me@jason.camp
Phone: 732-983-7858

I am a motivated, curious, and knowledgeable technology professional who loves to design and build highly scalable, easy to manage infrastructure environments. I have successfully facilitated three acquisitions by Yahoo! and Google. I recently won Techcrunch Disrupt 2015 with my previous venture, Agrilyst.


Agrilyst - Chief Technical Officer

‍04/2015 - 04/2017

Managed our technical team. Day to day CTO responsibilities, including budgeting, time allocation, managing reports. Built our infrastructure and dev environment on AWS using CentOS, Chef, and Ruby on Rails. Supported our on call rotation, metrics and monitoring using Librato. Built our first prototype used to win Techcrunch Disrupt 2015.

Google - Site Reliability Engineer

‍01/2012 - 03/2016

Facilitated Admeld's integration into Google's Doubleclick adserver. Migrated logs and data from AWS into Google's cloud for archival. Moved to the Production Monitoring team to support legacy monitoring products as well as Monarch, Google's next generation monitoring solution.

Admeld - Site Reliability Engineer

‍01/2011 - 01/2012

Managed migration from old infrastructure to new Chef/CentOS infrastructure in existing datacenters. Built out new datacenters, automated server and OS installation processes. On call rotation, worked closely with developers to support applications in Java, C, and Ruby. (Acquired by Google)

Appnexus - Manager of Cloud Operations

‍01/2009 - 04/2010

Managed teams in New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, and Belarus. Maintained a 1000+ server infrastructure and related services. Automated configuration of virtual servers for clients and infrastructure, BigIP and network configuration. Monitoring and metrics with Nagios, Cacti. On call rotation.

Yahoo! - Manager of Ad Exchange Operations

‍01/2008 - 01/2009

Managed teams in New York, San Jose and Bangalore. Grew infrastructure from 5,000 servers to over 12,000 servers. Supported adserver applications written in C, Java, and Perl. On call rotation. Metrics and monitoring with Icinga, Cacti, and Swatch. Migrated 7,500 servers from CentOS to RHEL with zero downtime. Performed 4 new datacenter installations and 10 existing datacenter expansions. Planed migrations from existing RM datacenters into Yahoo's datacenters.

Right Media - Manager of Unix Systems

‍05/2006 - 01/2008

Managed a team of system administrators and project managers. Grew from 100 servers to over 5,000 servers. Migrated from Gentoo to CentOS, setting up full PXE server installation and configurations automation using CFEngine. Supported all aspects of datacenter planning, implementation, coordination, and installation. (Acquired by Yahoo!)

WhenU - Operations Manager

‍07/2005 - 05/2006

Supported ~100 servers in two datacenters. Managed all infrastructure, standardizing OS, configuration platform, and networking. Supported many Perl based adserver applications. On call rotation.

When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.

- R. Buckminster Fuller